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Why DIY Rug Cleaning Can Be Risky

Jun 4, 2024 | Rug Cleaning

Why DIY Rug Cleaning Can Be Risky

If you have rugs in your home, you likely spent a lot of time and money selecting the perfect pieces. Whether your rug is a family heirloom or a treasured souvenir, proper cleaning is essential to maintaining its beauty and integrity. DIY cleaning methods can often put your rug at risk of damage or shorten its lifespan. For oriental rug cleaning you can trust, turn to the professionals at Bearinger Chem-Dry in Westminster, MD.

The Risks of DIY Oriental Rug Cleaning

There are several potential issues with DIY rug cleaning, often due to a lack of professional experience and tools. Here are some of the risks you can avoid by choosing an experienced rug cleaning service like Bearinger Chem-Dry:

Dyes Running

You may not know what types of dyes were used in your oriental rug. Using the wrong cleaning solution can cause these dyes to run and bleed, ruining the rug’s appearance.


Store-bought stain removers often contain harsh chemicals like bleach, which can be too strong for delicate oriental rugs. These chemicals can cause discoloration, worsening the appearance of stains instead of removing them.

Excess Moisture

DIY rug cleaning often involves excess moisture, as homeowners try to fully remove detergents and dirt. High moisture levels can lead to mold and mildew growth, damaging your rug.

Damaging Delicate Fibers

Rugs made of delicate fibers can be damaged by scrubbing and harsh cleaning methods. This can lead to irreparable damage and reduce the rug’s longevity.

A Less-Than-Thorough Clean

Gentle DIY methods may not effectively remove dust and dirt. Residual dirt can create friction between fibers, causing further damage and reducing the rug’s aesthetic appeal.

Trust Bearinger Chem-Dry for Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning

When you choose Bearinger Chem-Dry to care for your oriental rug in Westminster, MD, you avoid the risks associated with DIY cleaning. Our experts have experience with all types of rugs and will determine the best treatment for your specific rug.

In-Home Rug Analysis

We begin with an in-home rug analysis to identify the construction materials and weave style. Whether your rug is made of synthetic or natural materials, our certified specialists will provide the care it deserves.

Customized Cleaning Process

Based on our analysis, we may recommend off-site deep cleaning or in-home cleaning. Our gentle procedures remove dust, dust mite matter, and built-up dirt while preserving the rug’s colors and leaving it with a vibrant appearance.

Trusted Results

With Bearinger Chem-Dry, you can trust that your rug will be cleaned thoroughly and safely, preserving its life and aesthetic appeal.

Learn more about our professional oriental rug cleaning process in Westminster, MD. Avoid the risks of DIY cleaning and contact us at (410) 983-6677 to protect your rugs today.

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